Best Propane Coleman Lanterns: Complete Review

Best Propane Coleman Lanterns

Just like most Coleman outdoor products, Coleman makes a wide variety of propane lanterns to fit the varying needs of campers, backpackers, and all outdoor lovers.  But unfortunately with this wide variety and seemingly endless options and choices, it can be hard to know what the best propane Coleman lantern is for your needs. 

So in order to provide some clarity on the best propane Coleman lantern, we have created this detailed guide that lists all of the best propane Coleman lanterns currently on the market today with stats as well as pricing to help you choose the best Coleman lantern for your needs.  

Best Propane Coleman Lanterns

To begin with, we have listed all the best Coleman propane lanterns currently on the market today.  As it’s hard to know which Coleman propane lantern is best for you, without first knowing what all the best options are.

Model Number of Mantles Fuel Type Average Retail Price
Coleman Deluxe Propane Lantern Dual Sock Mantles Propane $35.00 Check Amazon Price
Coleman Deluxe  PerfectFlow Lantern with Case Single Tube Mantle Propane $100.00 Check Amazon Price
Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Lantern Dual Sock Mantles Propane $45.00 Check Amazon Price
Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern Single Tube Mantle Propane $50.00 Check Amazon Price
Coleman Compact Propane Lantern Single Sock Mantle Propane $40.00 Check Amazon Price
Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern Dual Sock Mantles Liquid Fuel / Gasoline $90.00 Check Amazon Price

Now that you are familiar with all the different Coleman propane lanterns on the market today let’s take a closer look at each of these lanterns individually in order to help you determine which propane Coleman lantern is best for your specific needs and wants.

Coleman Deluxe Propane Lantern

Coleman Propane Lantern

  • Best For:  Budget Camping
  • Type of Mantle:  Dual Sock Mantle (uses Coleman #21 Insta-Clip Sock Mantles)
  • Lumens:  1000
  • Fuel Source:  Propane
  • Runtime:  Up to 4.3 hours on High and 9.25 hours on Low (with 16.4-ounce canister)
  • Average Retail Price:  $35.00

The deluxe propane Coleman lantern is a great choice for those campers that are camping on a budget and don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. 

Just because this Coleman propane lantern is one of the cheapest on this list though don’t think that it means that this lantern is not a quality and well-built lantern.  

As with all modern propane Coleman lanterns, this deluxe addition runs off the standard 16.4-ounce Coleman propane bottle, which are sold separately and can be found on Amazon by clicking here or at any outdoor retailer.  The cool thing about these disposable propane canisters is that they actually play double duty acting as both part of the body as well as the stand for the lantern.

If you choose this versatile and basic propane lantern, what you get is a well-built and reliable propane lantern at a reasonable price that should last you for years to come with some basic care.  

However, if you choose this budget style Coleman lantern some of the features you don’t get that you find on more higher-end and well-equipped Coleman lanterns is automatic push-button start, Colemans PerfectFlow technology, a metal cage to protect the glass globe, or a carrying case.   

Overall though it’s hard to go wrong with the Deluxe Propane Coleman Lantern if you’re looking for a well-built propane lantern that just works like it’s supposed to.  

Coleman Deluxe PerfectFlow Lantern with Case

Coleman Deluxe Perfect Flow Propane Lantern

  • Best For:  Durability
  • Type of Mantle:  Single Tube Mantle (uses Coleman #95 Insta-Clip Tube Mantle)
  • Lumens:  1500
  • Fuel Source:  Propane
  • Runtime:  Up to 4 hours on High and 9 hours on Low (with 16.4-ounce canister)
  • Average Retail Price:  $100.00

One of our favorite Coleman propane lanterns is the Coleman Deluxe PerfectFlow Propane Lantern because of its rugged and feature-rich design.  

Everything about this propane lantern is meant to help withstand the rigors of outdoor camping and outdoor life, from its tough exterior metal cage that helps protect the glass globe, to the have duty carrying case that ensures the lantern arrives at the campsite undamaged and in top working order.

Also with 1500 lumens output and a light reach of approximately 85 feet, it is one of the most powerful and brightest Coleman propane lanterns on the market today. 

And to get the lantern going there is no need to fumble with matches to light the lantern as this propane lantern is equipped with push-button ignition, allowing you to turn on the propane lantern with a push of the button.  

Another great feature this Coleman deluxe propane lantern boasts is Coleman’s PerfectFlow technology which helps to ensure a consistent gas flow to the lantern, even in extreme conditions.  So even if the winds around the campsite pick up and the weather turns sour, you can be sure this Coleman propane lantern will remain a beacon in the darkness.  

While this lantern is certainly on the pricey side with a retail price of around $100.00 we feel that the robust design and included carrying case more than justify the higher price tag on this top of line Coleman propane lantern.  

Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Lantern

Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Propane Lantern

  • Best For:  Easy Transport
  • Type of Mantle:  Duel Sock Mantles (uses Coleman #21 Insta-Clip Sock Mantles)
  • Lumens:  1000
  • Fuel Source:  Propane
  • Runtime:  Up to 7.5 hours on High and 13.5 hours on Low (with 16.4-ounce canister)
  • Average Retail Price:  $45.00

One of the more versatile and easy to transport Coleman propane lanterns is this Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Lantern thanks to its compact design, the included case that protects the lantern while traveling, and the sturdy handle mounted to the top of the lantern for easy carrying.

While not the most powerful lantern Coleman makes at 1000 lumens, it still provides a ton of light for the campsite casting light up to 70 feet away from the lantern, providing more than enough light for most campers. 

This Coleman propane lantern is also equipped with Coleman’s PerfectFlow technology which ensures a steady and consistent flow of gas no matter how bad or windy the weather might get.  

One feature that is lacking on the Coleman lantern however is the lack of push-button ignition so when lighting this lantern you will have to light the lantern the old fashion with a box of matches or a lighter.  

Overall, this Coleman propane lantern is best suited for those campers that want a basic and easy to use lantern which is easy to transport and move around the campsite.  

Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern

Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern


  • Best For:  Brightness
  • Type of Mantle:  Single Tube Mantle (uses Coleman #95 Insta-Clip Tube Mantle)
  • Lumens:  1540
  • Fuel Source:  Propane
  • Runtime:  Up to 4.3 hours on High and 9.25 hours on Low (with 16.4-ounce canister)
  • Average Retail Price:  $50.00

The Coleman NorthStar Propane Lanter is one of the most iconic and well known Coleman propane lanterns on the market today. 

This NorthStar Lantern by Coleman also has one of the most classic and traditional designs of any of the Coleman lanterns on the market, taking many of its visual clues from the older classic Coleman propane lanterns from the past.  

Also, if you are looking to really light up your campsite then you need to look no further than the Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern as this model is the most powerful lantern Coleman sells, boasting up to 1540 lumens when set to high and casting light almost 90 feet away from the lantern.  

In addition, as you would expect this model is also packed with features such as push-button ignition for easy matchless lighting, PerfectFlow technology which provides an even and consistent flow of gas even in the most extreme of conditions, and top of the line design and materials.  


This Coleman propane lantern is best suited for the camper that is looking for ultimate in design and illumination while around the campsite in the evening.  

Coleman Compact Propane Lantern


Coleman Compact Gas Lantern

  • Best For:  Compact Storage and Backpacking
  • Type of Mantle:  Single Sock Mantle (uses Coleman #51 Slip-On Sock Mantle)
  • Lumens:  300
  • Fuel Source:  Propane
  • Runtime:  Up to 11.5 hours (with 16.4-ounce canister)
  • Average Retail Price:  $40.00

A very unique and often overlooked Coleman propane lantern is the Coleman Compact Propane Lantern. 

While the light output at only 300 lumens makes it the least bright lantern that Coleman makes, what the lantern lacks in brightness it makes up for in compact size and easy storage.  

While this propane Coleman lantern won’t be for everyone if you are a camper with limited storage space or a backpacker that is looking for extra light on the trails when you stop for the evening, this compact and versatile little propane Coleman lantern could be a perfect fit for you.  


The lantern is advertised by Coleman as a personal-sized lantern and we think that is a pretty good description for this lantern, as it casts just enough light for one person or a small camping party, casting light up to 26 feet away from the lantern. 

This Coleman lantern also has a few really nice features for the camper or backpacker looking for a lantern that is easy and compact to store as well as easy to use, including a metal globe guard to protect the glass globe, a chain handle that lets you hang or carry the lighter but also lets you tuck away the handle when not needed, a pressure regulator that provides consistent gas and performance, and a control knob that lets you control the brightness of the lantern.  

Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern

Coleman Duel Fuel Lantern

  • Best For:  Versatility
  • Type of Mantle:  Dual Sock Mantle (uses Coleman #21 Insta-Clip Sock Mantles)
  • Lumens:  800
  • Fuel Source:  Propane
  • Runtime:  Up to 5 hours on High or 20 hours on Low(using 2.5 liters of fuel)
  • Average Retail Price:  $90.00

While the Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern is not a propane lantern, we felt that it warranted this list as it still uses combustible fuel and shares more similarities with the propane lanterns than with the newer LED lanterns.  

So you might be wondering if it doesn’t use propane as its fuel source what does it use, well as the name suggests it actually has the capability to run off of two different types of fuel including either Coleman Liquid Fuel or regular unleaded gasoline.  


You might be wondering though why someone would choose to opt for this dual-fuel Coleman lantern as opposed to their far more popular and easier to use propane lanterns. 

Benefits of the Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern 

The fact of the matter is there are actually some unique advantages to using a dual-fuel lantern over the more common propane lantern, such as liquid fuel tends to last longer, meaning you don’t use or need to store as much fuel around the campsite as you might need to if you choose propane. 

In addition, while the standard 16.4 ounces Coleman propane canisters are easy to find, they can sometimes be challenging to find if you run out of propane at the campsite.  So the fact that this lantern will run off regular unleaded gasoline means that you will never run out of fuel and can always find fuel no matter where you are.  Lastly, if you do a lot of cold weather camping liquid fuels tend to light better than gases such as propane in extreme cold weather conditions.

While this Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern won’t be for everyone there are certain camping situations where this dual-fuel lantern might be a better choice than the standard propane lantern found at most campsites.  

Overall, this Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern is best suited for campers that want versatility in the types of fuel their lantern will burn as well as campers that tend to do a lot of cold weather camping.  

Must-Have Propane Coleman Lantern Accessories

Now that you’ve chosen the best propane Coleman lantern for your needs, it’s important to know what accessories are out there that can really add to the usability and functionality of your Coleman lantern.  

Coleman Propane Fuel Canisters

Coleman 16.4 Ounce Propane Bottle

The accessory you will end up buying the most for your propane Coleman lantern is the standard Coleman 16.4-ounce fuel canister that all modern Coleman propane lanterns use.

You can buy the Coleman propane canisters in singles or 2, 4, 0r even 6 packs and can be purchased at any outdoor or sporting goods store as well as on Amazon by clicking here.

How often you need to buy them depends largely on how much you use the lantern and the brightness setting you choose when using the lantern.  In general, though a single 16.4-ounce Coleman propane cylinder should last for about 7 to 8 hours if you set your propane lantern on a medium brightness setting.  

Coleman Propane Mantles

Coleman Sock Mantles

The next most important accessories for your propane Coleman lantern are the mantles that provide the light on your lantern. 

And while the mantle on your propane lantern should easily last a full camping season, it’s not uncommon for them to become damaged over time as they are very fragile. 

Even if they don’t appear to be damaged American Gas Lamp Works recommends you replace your mantles at least once a year.  As it helps to ensure your mantles are in top working order and gives you a chance to clear away any debris that might have accumulated inside the globe.  It also allows you to clean the glass of the globe ensuring you are getting every ounce of brightness out of your lantern.  

Don’t worry though changing out the mantles on your propane lantern is not difficult and shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes to complete as you can see from this below video.


If you’re wondering what type of mantle you need and you chose a Coleman lantern from the above best-of list, all you need to do is reference the lantern on the list and look under the type of mantle for the specific Coleman mantle you will need for replacement.  

Different Types of Coleman Lantern Mantles

However, in general, there are three main types of Coleman mantles that will fit most Coleman lanterns listed below.

  • #21 Coleman Insta-Clip Sock Mantle (see on Amazon by clicking here)
  • #95 Coleman Insta-Clip Tube Mantle (see on Amazon by clicking here)
  • #51 Coleman Slip-On Sock Mantle (see on Amazon by clicking here)

Carrying Case

Coleman Propane Lantern Carrying Case

Many Coleman models will actually come with some type of carrying case so it’s always best to check first to see if your particular Coleman propane lantern includes a case but if it doesn’t they are easy enough to find like this one on Amazon

Just make sure that the Coleman lantern case you choose fits your particular model of Coleman Lantern which should be on the box or somewhere on the lantern itself.  

Coleman Lantern Stand


While the Coleman Lantern Stand is certainly not a necessary Coleman lantern accessory and most campers would consider this accessory a bit extravagant, this lantern stand actually comes in handy more than you would think.

With the main benefit of this lantern stand being that it allows you to position the light at your campsite exactly where you want it, as opposed to having to just place the lantern whereever there happens to be a picnic table to set it on. 

To check the price of the Coleman Lantern Stand on Amazon click here.  


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