Top 60 Camping Activities for all Types of Campers

top 60 camping activities

The tent is up, the campfire is going, and everything is in its place around the campsite.  

Now it’s time for some well-deserved fun and relaxation.  After all, that’s why we camp right, to get away from our daily lives and routines, to create lasting memories and enjoy the company of others.  

With that in mind let this list of camping activities be your guide to keep the whole camping trip packed with fun and enjoyment, creating lasting memories for years to come.

This camping activities list is separated into 6 categories to account for different camp-mates, desired physical activity, sense of adventure, and weather.

Regardless of your camping style, interests, or camp-mates, these 60 camping activities are sure to keep a smile on everyone’s face.

Camping Activities for Kids to Keep the Good Times Rolling

Capture the Flag:  A classic game that can be fun for all ages.  Keep in mind that capture the flag can be as simple or complicated as you like depending on the number of players, age of children, and playing field.  

Water Gun / Water Balloon Fight:  This can be a great camping activity, after all, what kid doesn’t like to play in the water.   Also don’t forget this can be a fun activity for all age groups, young or old throwing a water balloon puts a smile on everyone’s face.  

Ring Toss:  Ring Toss is yet another outdoor game that is short on complication and long on fun.  Really any rings and a target stake or stick will do but if you are short on supplies, this ring toss game is a good choice.

Bubble Mania:  Bubbles can create a real mess around the house but the campsite is a perfect place to let bubble mania go down.  We recommend bringing as many bubble supplies as possible and when the whole campsite is full of bubbles the kid’s eyes are sure to be filled with delight and amazement.

Hide-and-Seek:  It’s hard to imagine a better venue for hide-and-seek than the great outdoors.  Nature provides great places to hide and is sure to bring the fun level up around the campsite.  

If playing with little ones though it’s a good idea to set boundaries and remind everyone about safety while playing.   

Nerf Gun Target Practice: This can keep kids entertained for hours, all that is needed is a Nerf gun and something to use as a target.  For targets empty toilet paper holders or empty 20 oz plastic bottles are great choices.

Firewood Scavenger Hunt – Oftentimes kids want to help out around the campsite unfortunately  not every job is well suited for kids. However, one necessary activity that can be turned into a fun game for kids is collecting firewood for the campfire.

Even if you are bringing pre-cut firewood to the campsite you can still create a game to see who can collect the most sticks for a great fire starter.  

Flashlight Tag – There has never been a junior camper that does not love to hold and operate the flashlight.  Flashlight tag takes it up another notch though by combining flashlights and hide-and-seek in the dark.

Bean Bag Toss – Another classic but always fun camping game.  Like many other great camping activities this game is simple and very little is needed except for a few bean bags like these.

Nature Scavenger Hunt:  A great way to get kids involved in their surroundings is a nature scavenger hunt.  To play create a list of items found in nature and send the kids out to find all the items on the list inside a certain boundary.

Get Moving With Camping Sports

Catch:  Whether you are playing catch with a baseball and glove, or a football this is an easy and simple sporting activity for all.

Kickball:  This is a great activity to get everyone involved at the campsite.  All that is needed is an open field, four bases, and of course a kickball.

Badminton:  While this sport might take a little more set up time, it’s sure to create some fun and excitement around the campsite.  Badminton can be played in multiplayer variations that should allow everyone to take a whack at the shuttlecock. To really take Badminton to the next level check out these cool LED Shuttlecocks.

Volleyball:  Classic camping sport volleyball, is another activity that is great at getting everyone involved after all who doesn’t love a good game of volleyball.  

Touch Football:  Touch football checks all the boxes for a great camping sport including simplicity, minimal needed items, and high fun value.

Soccer:  As one of the most popular sports in the World, a camping sports activities list wouldn’t be complete without including soccer.

Bike Races:  Bike racing is a great camping sport for those looking to spice up the campground with a little friendly competition.  The bike races can be on paved roads, or trails and can be for a short or long distance depending on your preferences.

Trail Running:  Trail running can be a great sport for those that are looking for a high impact camping activity.  Not only can you get a great and challenging workout but you get the added bonus of running through a tranquil and pristine environment.  

Trail Running

Ultimate Frisbee:  Ultimate Frisbee takes the old boring Frisbee and turns it into a fun sport to play with a group of people around the campsite.

Tug of War:  This is another camping sport that lets everyone get involved regardless of their level of fitness.

Camping Adventures for All Levels of Thrill Seekers

Hiking:  A great place to start when looking for camping adventure activities is trail hiking.  No two trails are exactly alike so you never know what you might experience or see around the next bend.

Wildlife Discovery:  Searching for and observing wildlife can be a great camping activity to help you appreciate mother nature and the animals we share this planet with.

Mountain Biking:  This can be a fun camping adventure that really gets your heart racing and the excitement level up.  Don’t forget to make sure the trails you mountain bike on though are approved for mountain bikes and are not designated for foot traffic only.

Rope Swing:  While some level of caution should be exercised in this camping activity, for those seeking adventure the rope swing should provide ample excitement and adventure.  

Camping Rope Swing

Kayaking / Canoeing:  Adding a water element always brings up the fun level.  Kayaking or canoeing is a great way to get everyone involved at the campsite that might be looking for a little fun and excitement on the water.

Caving:  Many times campgrounds can be near underground caves that can be explored and discovered.  Even though caving can be an exciting activity it can also be dangerous, so a certain level of safety and caution is in order when enjoying the wonders of the underworld.

Nature Hunt:  For those not looking for extreme adventure a nature hunt can be a great activity.  When on a nature hunt you are looking for or seeking out a particular item found in nature such as interesting rocks, flowers, or leaves.

Horseback Riding:  Horseback riding can be a fun adventure for the whole family.  This can be a great camping adventure, as it’s hard to imagine a more serene and peaceful way to enjoy and take in nature than by horseback.  

Snorkeling:  Snorkeling is a great activity to explore under the water’s surface around the campsite including local springs, rivers, etc…

Guided Tours:  Campsites are often times located near historical and interesting local attractions.  A great way to take in interesting local attractions are through organized guided tours allowing you to learn and explore far more than you ever would be able to on your own.    

Low Impact Camping Activities with High Impact Fun

Charades:  A great way to get the creative juices flowing.  Charades is a great camping activity because it requires very little to play but packs a ton of fun into the game.  

Campfire Songs:  For those that are musically inclined, group signing with an acoustic guitar is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Campfire Stories / Ghost Stories:  Telling stories around the campfire goes back as far as the campfire itself does.

Smores:  It just wouldn’t be camping without making a few smores.

Fishing:  Fishing is and always will be a classic camping activity.  The great thing about fishing is that anyone can do it with a little practice and everyone feels that touch of excitement when you feel a tug on your line.  

Fishing While Camping

Rock Skipping:  The only things needed for this fun camping activity are a handful of flat rocks and an open body of water.

Get Social:  Camping can be a great venue to socialize and meet new people.  Those daily excuses like I’m just to busy and there’s too much going on fade away while camping.  So enjoy the company of your campmates and makes some new friends.

Horseshoes / Cornhole:  Both of these games are great for those campers that are looking for some fun.

Camping Bingo:  This is a great game to play that doesn’t require a lot of prep time and can be fun for all ages.  

Bird Watching:  Bird watching can be a great camping activity to appreciate all the wildlife around your campsite.  

Camping Activities When the Weather Turns South

Card Games:  Some great choices for card games while camping includes UNO, Go Fish, and War.

Board Games:  Some great choices for board games while camping includes Checkers, Monopoly, Sorry.

Reading:  For many of us we love reading but never have the time for it.  What better time could there be for reading than on a rainy camping day when everyone is stuck inside the tent.

Journaling:  Another fun activity when the weather turns South outside is journaling.  Journaling can be a great way to clear your mind.

Truth or Dare:  When stuck in a tent on a rainy day this can be a fun game to play with your campmates.  

Rainy Weather Hike:  Just because it is rainy outside doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy nature.  In fact, going on a hike while its raining can give you a whole new experience and allow you to see a whole new side of nature.  

Puddle Splashing Contest:  A great way to keep those kids entertained on rainy days is to turn all those puddles outside into a fun game by seeing who can make the biggest splash in the puddles.

Water-slide:  A large tarp or piece of plastic in the rain can be turned into a fun and exciting water-slide with minimal effort.  

Crafting:  Some great camping crafting ideas are knot tying, decorating a walking stick, or hiking necklaces.  

I Spy:  A fun game of I Spy can help alleviate camping boredom when the weather forces everyone inside.  

Camping Activities for Your Inner Zen

Meditation:  The king of all relaxing camping activities is the practice and art of meditation.  It’s hard to imagine a more peaceful and relaxing setting for meditation than the great outdoors.  

Napping:  The best part about camping is you don’t have anywhere you need to be or have to run off to.  So camping can be a great time to catch up on some extra zzzzzs.

Cloud Watching:  Just imagine how relaxing laying on your back in an open field watching the clouds float by would be.

Stargazing:  A great way to increase your relaxation level at night while camping is the act of stargazing.  

Star Gazing While Camping

Hammock:  If you are lucky enough to have a hammock or access to a hammock at your campsite as soon as you sink down into the hammock, you will instantly feel yourself start to relax.  

Slow Strolls Through Nature:  Nature is well known for its calming effects.  So a great way to enjoy and appreciate nature while relaxing is just the simple act of strolling and wandering through nature slowly taking it all in.

Listen to Nature:  Get comfortable, close your eyes, and let the sounds of nature envelope you, lulling you into a state of peaceful relaxation.

Night Walk:  While walking during the day can be very relaxing don’t forget about the nighttime.  Walking in the outdoors under the stars or moonlight while nature is at rest will instantly put you at ease.

Campfire Cooking:  Campfire cooking is far from the rushed day to day life of instant this and microwaved that.  The great thing about camping is that everything slows down including the art of cooking. Slow cooking meals over the campfire is a great way to get back to a simpler and more relaxing life.  

Photographing / Sketching Nature:  Camping can be a great time to bring out your more artistic side by photographing or sketching nature.  


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