Best Hiking Boots Under $50: Best Cheap Hiking Boots for the Money

Best Hiking Boots Under $50

Whether you are just getting into hiking or working with a small budget there are many reasons why you might be looking for a good quality pair of hiking boots under $50

While most high-quality hiking boots can cost well north of $100 or even $200, we scoured the stores and online to find the best high-quality hiking boots for both men and women that you can buy if your working with a small budget. 

The surprising thing is that we actually found some really great cheap hiking boot options that offer many of the same features that the more expensive hiking boots offer.  Below are our top picks for cheap hiking boots under $50.

Best Hiking Boots Under $50

HI-TEC Men’s Skamania Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

HI-TEC Men's Skamania Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot



When most people think about what a hiking boot should look like, this hiking boot by Hi-Tec is what comes to mind and for good reason, as it is tailor-made for hiking in the outdoors thanks it’s sturdy construction and waterproof capabilities.  

This mid-top hiking boot is great for hiking no matter what the trails throw your way. 



To start with, the mid-top design with padded support provides unbridled support for your ankles no matter how uneven or rugged the trail gets.  But the protection for your feet doesn’t stop there thanks to its thick rubber sole with large front rubber toe protector helping to make sure that your feet and toes stay injury-free while hiking.  

Also, thanks to this boots thick rubber sole as well as the suede leather and nylon upper this boot has a good amount of waterproofing capabilities. 

Just remember that all hiking boots have their limits when it comes to waterproofing and as this hiking boot is on the lower end of the price scale, don’t expect to start walking through streams and creeks and expect your feet to stay bone dry. 

If however, you are looking for a waterproof hiking boot that can handle wet trails, a few puddles and wet grass brushing along the boot for a cheap price then this is the boot for you.  

This hiking boot also has a thick midsole that provides a lot of shock absorption keeping your feet energized and ready for that next mile while hiking.  To check the price of this Shamani Hiking Boot by Hi-Tec on Amazon click here.  

For an in-depth video review of the hiking boot, check out this great video on YouTube.

Hi-Tec Women’s Bandera Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking BootHi-Tec Women's Bandera Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot



This hiking boot made by Hi-Tec is one of our favorite women’s hiking boots currently on the market.  While Hi-Tec might not be a household name such as Columbia or Merrell when it comes to hiking boots, the company has actually been making quality lightweight hiking boots for over 40 years.  

While this cheap hiking boot under $50 lacks a fancy and oftentimes expensive brand name on the tong or the side of the boot, it more than makes up for it with it’s quality and durablity that it offers.  

Hi-Tec Women's Hiking Boot

The Bandera Hiking Boot has a rugged design comprised of suede leather, mesh, and a thick rubber sole with an aggressive pattern ensuring you keep your footing while on the hiking trails.  Everything about this boot makes it tailor-made for hiking in the great outdoors.  

In addition, the hiking boot is also waterproof with a breathable waterproof membrane making it great for those rainy day hikes.  Keep in mind though that every hiking boot and it’s waterproof capabilities as mentioned above does have it’s limits.  So while the hiking boot is rated as waterproof it’s best not to completely submerge the hiking boot underwater for too long or you are going to end up with wet feet. 

Another great feature of this hiking boot is its mid-rise design which offers excellent ankle support while hiking along uneven or hilly terrains. 

While every hiker tends to have their preference when it comes to hiking boot design and ankle support this mid-rise hiking boot offers a nice compromise between the low-top and hi-top hiking boots on the market. 

To check the price of the Hi-Tec Women’s Bandera Hiking Boot on Amazon click here

EYUSHIJIA Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Shoes

EYUSHIJIA Men's Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Shoes


This hiking boot by Eyunshijia falls more under the hiking shoe category than the hiking boot category but it is still one of our favorite hiking boots under $50 because of its versatility. 

This hiking boot is great for the beginning hiker just starting out as it offers a lot of comfort and durability when hiking and yet is still right at home around town as an everyday pair of shoes.

While the hiking boot claims to be waterproof know that the hiking boot would be better classified as water-resistant and not waterproof.  That doesn’t mean though that this hiking boot is not a quality boot.  While it may not be completely waterproof it is water-resistant and for most hikers that is all they need.

What many beginning hikers don’t understand is that if you opt for a completely waterproof hiking boot with say a gore-tex liner you are also adding a lot of weight to the hiking boot and sacrificing on breathability.  So unless you are planning on doing river crossings or hiking in the snow its is usually better to opt for a lighter weight option as opposed to a completely waterproof one.  

Also, thanks to this boot’s construction of rubber, suede leather, and mesh this hiking boot provides a lot of ruggedness and durability that should stand up well to the rigors of trail hiking.

You’re also sure to keep a sure footing on the trails thanks to this boot’s aggressive non-slip tread design on the bottom of the boot seen below.  

EYUSHIJIA Men's Hiking Shoes Non-Slip Tread

While this hiking boot has a low top design and does not offer much ankle support it still does a great job of protecting your feet across rough and uneven terrain.  It’s also a pretty light option when compared to other hiking boots, so it should help you knock out those hiking miles with ease. 

This hiking boot is best suited for a beginning hiker that is hiking short day hikes on trails rated easy to moderate in dry and damp weather. 

To check the price of the Eyushijia Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Shoes on Amazon click here.

TFO Women’s Hiking Shoe Outdoor Sports Trail Trekking Sneaker

TFO Women's Air Cushion Hiking Shoe Breathable Running Outdoor Sports Trail Trekking Sneaker


While not a hiking boot in the truest sense of the word we didn’t want to leave off this hiking shoe from TFO because of it’s unique advantages while hiking.  While it might not look like a traditional hiking boot it is still right at home while on the trails thanks to it rugged design and aggressive tread.

In fact, this hiking sneaker can be an ideal option if you’re looking for a lightweight option for hiking and don’t need the full protection of a larger and heavier hiking boot.  A great way to think about this hiking shoe from TFO is it’s like a tennis shoe but on steroids.  

While this hiking shoe does have a low-top design it still offers far more protection for your ankles compared to a regular pair of tennis shoes thanks to its large midsole design which adds additional material between the inner and outer sole. Helping to provide additional stability while hiking on uneven surfaces.  

Also, thanks to its suede leather and rubber outer sole construction it provides a great deal of ruggedness and durability while hiking ensuring that these hiking shoes will be with you for years to come.  

Overall this a great hiking shoe for the beginning hiker looking for a lightweight option that is an upgrade from just hiking in regular tennis shoes while on the trails. 

To check the price of these hiking shoes by TFO on Amazon click here.  

Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

Skechers Men's Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot


These men’s hiking boots by sketchers are at home whether hiking on the trails or landscaping out in the yard and the great thing is that they are also waterproof making them a great option if you need a pair of hiking boots for the rain or the snow.

These boots have a generous amount of leather on the boots upper providing a lot of durability and helping the waterproofing of the boots to keep your feet nice and dry while on the trails. 

It’s important to note however that while the boots do offer a decent amount of waterproofing for the price point, some customers have pointed out that within three months or so the waterproofing tends to wear off, allowing the leather to become saturated and in turn allowing moisture or water to leak inside the boot.

Luckily though there is an easy fix if the waterproof capabilities of the boot start to fade over time.   Which, by the way, is not that uncommon when it comes to waterproof hiking boots that rely on a factory waterproofing spray to keep the boots waterproof. 

With a quick application of a good waterproofing spray such as the Kiwi Camp Dry Waterproof Repellent on Amazon your hiking boots will be completely waterproof again and just like new.  


This boot also offers a ton of protection for your feet and ankles while hiking on the trails thanks to its mid-rise design, leather construction, rugged toe protector, and thick synthetic sole with aggressive tread pattern.  

Finally, one of our favorite features of this hiking boot is its air-cooled memory foam insert that actually does a great job keeping your feet cool as well as comfortable while hiking in the great outdoors. 

To check the price of these Sketcher’s waterproof hiking boots on Amazon click here.  

BEARPAW Women’s Corsica Hiking Boot

BEARPAW Women's Corsica Hiking Boot
This waterproof women’s hiking boot by Bearpaw is a great mid-top option that straddles the line of a low-top and hi-top design perfectly.  With this mid-top design providing a blend and the best of both worlds when it comes to hiking boot design.  
Also, thanks to its rugged suede leather and mesh upper this hiking boot provides excellent durability while still providing great breathability thanks to its mesh inserts throughout the upper of the boot. 
For a hiking boot under $50 you really get a lot of bang for your buck with this hiking boot with such features as.
  • Thick memory foam midsole provides excellent shock absorption while crossing rough terrain.
  • Waterproof capabilities to keep your feet dry while hiking on wet trails.
  • Mid-top design provides excellent stability and ankle support.
  • The flexible sole allows for easy and comfortable full range of movement.
  • Full rubber outer sole with aggressive pattern for a sure footing while hiking.   

To check the price of this BEARPAW Women’s Corsica Hiking Boot on Amazon click here.  

CC-Los Men’s Hiking Boots / Work Boot Mid-Top 

CC-Los Men's Casual Stylish Ankle Hiking Boots Lace up Work Boot Mid-Top


One of the most traditional and simple hiking boots on this list is this hiking/work boot by CC-Los thanks to its simple and mostly leather upper design and basic look. 

While perhaps not the most capable hiking boot on this list it has two major things going for it.  One is that it is the cheapest hiking boot on this list of under 50 dollar hiking boots.  Second, it is more versatile than most hiking boots thanks to its simple design, allowing you to wear the boots while on the job site or around the house as well as while hiking.     

Just because this hiking boot has a simple design and a really cheap price though doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a ton of great features.  Below are some of the great features that this basic hiking boot offers.

  • Eco-friendly Artificial Leather
  • Rustproof Copper Eyelets
  • Thick shock-absorbing synthetic sole for rugged hikes.
  • Aggressive tread pattern for superior traction no matter the terrain.
  • Fully flexible design allowing for maximum movement and comfort while on the trails.
  • Hi-top design provides full ankle support and excellent stability.

To check the price of this multi-purpose basic hiking/work boot by CC-Los on Amazon click here.  

Mishansha Men’s/Women’s Winter Water-Resistant Snow BootsMishansha Mens Womens Winter Anti-Slip Leather Warm Snow Boots Water Resistant Shoes Fur Lined


Another traditional looking hiking boots under $50 on this list is this traditional snow boot by Mishansha for either gender. 

This hiking boot is a throw-back to a time when everything including boots was more simply designed.  This simple hiking boot has a mostly eco-friendly artificial leather upper, metal eyelets for the laces, and a full fur lined hi-top design that completely encases the ankle for full protection.

While this boot has very few bells and whistles, this is what actually provides the charm of this cold weather hiking boot.  Just because this cold weather hiking boot has a simple design though doesn’t mean that it is any less capable while hiking.  In fact, thanks to its fur-lined inner sole it is actually one of our favorite cheap winter hiking boots on the market.

While we do like this winter hiking boot there are a few things that Mishansha could improve upon to make this winter hiking boot even better.  The first being to upgrade the boots waterproofing capabilities because currently the boot is only rated as water-resistant and not completely waterproof.  The second thing we would like to see upgraded on this boot is its tread pattern on the outer rubber sole. 

While the pattern is certainly more aggressive than a simple tennis shoe, we feel that the tread pattern needs to be more aggressive and deeper in order to provide better traction while hiking or walking through rugged terrain or snow.

To check the price of these winter hiking boots by Mishansha on Amazon click here.  

Cheap Hiking Boots Vs Expensive Hiking Boots

Now that we have discussed some of the best cheapest hiking boots currently on the market.  It’s important to mention the major differences between cheap hiking boots versus expensive hiking boots.  So that when you buy a pair of cheap hiking boots you know what you are getting and what you are not getting.

To begin with, it’s important to understand that cheap and affordable hiking boots have their place in the market just as with any other type of cheap or affordable hiking or camping gear.  While it would be great to buy the best and most expensive hiking and camping gear all the time this is not always practical or the best choice due to budget constraints or specific needs. 

For example, if someone is working with a tight budget I would much rather them buy a quality bare-bones pair of hiking boots and go hiking.  As opposed to not being able to afford an expensive pair of hiking boots so they don’t buy them and don’t go hiking at all.

When it comes to hiking and camping gear it’s always best to work within your budget and find the best option possible so that you can get out there and enjoy nature.  

So what exactly are the differences between cheap hiking boots and expensive hiking boots, it mainly comes down to the materials used and the construction and features of the hiking boot?

When manufacturers are making cheap or affordable hiking boots they will usually use cheaper materials such as synthetics or artificial materials and less robust construction in order to make the hiking boots more affordable. 

In addition, cheaper hiking boots usually have fewer features compared to more expensive hiking boots such as a lack of custom fitting adjustments as well as a lack of full waterproofing in order to keep the costs down to make the hiking boot more affordable.

This doesn’t mean that it’s never a good idea to buy a pair of cheap hiking boots though.  In fact, there are actually some benefits to buying a cheap pair of hiking boots compared to a more expensive pair which we discuss below.  

cheap hiking boots

Pros and Cons of Cheap Hiking Boots

When buying a pair of cheap hiking boots there are several pros as well as cons to be aware of so that you are making a fully informed buying decision.

Pros of Cheap Hiking Boots

  • Affordable price allows more hikers to enjoy the activity
  • Cheap hiking boots are often so affordable that you can usually buy three maybe even four pairs for the same price as what one of the more expensive pairs would cost helping you to hike on a budget.
  • Due to lesser quality construction, if you find that your cheap hiking boots wear out sooner compared to a more expensive pair, which by the way is not a given, the cost of cheap hiking boots are often so low that you could actually just buy a new pair of hiking boots every hiking season.  Although I don’t think that would be necessary as long as you buy a quality pair of cheap hiking boots and take care of them.
  • Cheap hiking boots are usually lighter compared to more expensive pairs thanks to their simple and basic construction allowing you to hike for longer without becoming as fatigued.
  • Also due to the simple and basic construction of cheap hiking boots, they are usually more flexible allowing for a more full range of motion as opposed to more expensive hiking boots that can sometimes feel stiff and cumbersome while on the trail.  

Cons of Cheap Hiking Boots

  • In order to keep the cost down on cheap hiking boots manufactures will usually use lesser quality materials and construction, typically causing cheap hiking boots to wear out sooner compared to more expensive hiking boots.  
  • While many cheap or affordable hiking boots do have some level of waterproofing capabilities, they are not typically completely waterproof even though some manufacturers like to claim they are.
  • Typically cheap hiking boots are less feature-rich and do not have has many bells and whistles compared to more expensive hiking boots. 
  • Cheap hiking boots can sometimes be lacking in foot protection that some of the more expensive hiking boots might have but this is not always the case.  

Does Brand Name Matter When Buying Affordable Hiking Boots?

When buying a cheap or affordable pair of hiking boots under $50, one of the first things you will have to sacrifice is the well-known hiking boot brand names. 

While you might be able to find a discounted or discontinued pair of cheap Merrilll, Columbia, or Timberland hiking boots somewhere.  For the most part, when buying a cheap pair of hiking boots it is usually going to come from a brand that you have never heard of. 

Some of these lesser-known brands of hiking boots include EYUSHIJIA, Hi-Tec, TFO, or Mishansha and they are all almost always imported.

However, just because a cheap pair of hiking boots doesn’t have a famous or well-known brand name doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy them or that you can’t get years of enjoyment out of them while hiking.  

The brand name of a hiking boot can be a good indicator of a high-quality pair of hiking boots but it is not the only indicator. 

Whether you are buying a cheap or expensive pair of hiking boots with or without a well-known brand name, it is always a good idea to read the customer of reviews of the boot to ensure that you are buying a quality pair of hiking boots as opposed to just relying on the brand name.  

Where to Find Cheap Hiking Boots?

There are actually quite a few different places that you can find cheap hiking boots, from local retail big box stores to online retailers if you’re willing to look around you shouldn’t have any issue finding a pair of budget-friendly hiking boots.

Below is a list of some of our favorite places to find cheap and discounted hiking boots.

  • Amazon – One of the best places to find cheap hiking boots online is Amazon as they have a ton of variety from different manufactures and have hiking boots in all different price ranges.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods – This retailer can be a great place to look for discounted hiking boots.  I would recommend looking at both their website and their local store near you if you happen to have one in your area.  
  • Walmart – There is perhaps no other retail brand more synonymous with cheap products than Walmart.  If you are looking for a cheap pair of hiking boots, you are sure to find a pair at Walmart again I would recommend checking both their website and their local store near you.  
  • REI – A well known online outdoor retailer REI can be a great place to find discounted or cheap hiking boots.  While many of their outdoor products and gear can be expensive when you are on their website make sure to sort the results from lowest to highest price to find some great deals on quality cheap hiking boots.  

How to Improve Cheap Hiking Boots

If your cheap hiking boots aren’t performing the way that you would like them to after a few hikes there are many things you can do to improve the performance of the boots.

Lack of Waterproofing

Probably one of the biggest complaints when it comes to cheap hiking boots is the lack of waterproofing capabilities.  Luckily this is a pretty easy issue to fix with a can of Nikwax from Amazon just make sure that you clean your boots really well before applying the Nikwax waterproofing liquid for the best results. 

For an example of how to apply the Nikwax to your boots to improve their waterproof capabilities check out this helpful YouTube video below.

One other thing you can do to help improve the waterproof capabilities of your hiking boots is to invest in a pair of gaiters like these on Amazon.   Gaiters can be especially helpful if you’re wearing a pair of low-top or mid-top hiking boots when trying to keep the water out, because gaiters attach to your legs just below the knee and go all the way down to cover the top of the boot to help keep water from getting inside your boot.

The great thing about gaiters as well is that you can take them on and off depending on what your needs are at the time.  Allowing you to hike in a much lighter hiking boot during dry weather and attach your gaiters over your hiking boots when the weather turns wet.

Lack of Comfort or Shock Absorption

The next most common complaint when it comes to cheap hiking boots is the lack of comfort or shock absorption while on the trails.  This is another easy thing to fix with a quality pair of shoe inserts such as these from Dr. Shoell’s on Amazon. We really like these inserts because the memory foam in the insert provides all-day comfort and plenty of shock absorption for your feet while on the trails.

The Wrong Socks

When trying to improve the comfort or fit of your cheap hiking boots keep in mind that sometimes the lack of comfort has less to do with your boots and more do with the socks you’re wearing under the boots. 

Due to the bulkier and heavier nature of hiking boots compared to lightweight tennis shoes, hiking boots require a much more thick and substantial sock to be worn underneath them.

So before you blame your cheap hiking boots for your aching and tired feet while on the trails, make sure that you are wearing a good quality pair of hiking socks such as these Merino Wool Crew Socks from People Socks on Amazon as they will go along way in improving the comfort and performance of your cheap hiking boots.


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